· top confessions.

Just thought I would put a bigger list together since the first one was such a hit.

  1. I think the fact that Umbridge took a fancy to Slytherin’s Locket says a lot about her personality.
  2. Lily did NOT friendzone Snape. She ended a toxic friendship
  3. I dislike the lack of Harry’s sarcasm in the movies. In the books he’s quite funny.
  4. Not all Hufflepuffs are weak. Not every Ravenclaw is stuck up. Not all Slytherins don’t know love. And not all Gryffindors are loyal. 
  5. Words can’t express how much I wish Hogwarts was real. 
  6. To me, Draco isn’t the “boy who made all the wrong choices”, he’s the “boy who didn’t have the choice.” 
  7. I hate Umbridge more than Voldemort himself.
  8. I wish Neville was the one who killed Bellatrix. No one deserved it more than him. 
  9. Draco is not a villain, he’s a victim. 
  10. Sometimes I just want to go to Hogwarts for the food. 
  11. I suppose not all Ravenclaws are all that smart, and not all Gryffindors are really so brave, and not all Slytherins are only look out for themselves, and not all Hufflepuffs are friendly. 
  12. I always wondered about the sex going on at Hogwarts. 
  13. The only thing bad about Harry Potter is that it makes real life seem really boring.
  14. I would get sleazy for Ron Weasley. 
  15. I hope that someday, someone will love me as much as Snape did for Lily. 
  16. I find Oliver Wood extremely attractive. 
  17. I cried at everyone’s death, but none of them hurt as much as Fred’s did. 
  18. J.K. Rowling killed off our favorite characters to teach us a lesson. To teach us how to cope when someone we love dies, to teach us how to carry on, to teach us keep fighting and that it’s not over. To give us strength, and to make our love stronger.
  19. I love Draco. I don’t think he was a villain. I don’t think he was a bad guy. I think he was manipulated by his parents and the other Death Eaters. I think he could have been friends with the trio if it weren’t for his family. I will always support Draco Malfoy.
  20. Everyone keeps talking about wanting love like James/Snape and Lily. But I want love like the Weasleys. 
  21. There is something about Draco that killed me. In every movie of every scene he appeared in, he seemed to grow up as if he didn’t care anymore. As if his childhood was stolen from him. 
  22. Sometimes I feel like I’m closer with some of the characters in the books and films than I am  with people in real life. 
  23. Not all Slytherins are evil 
  24. Neville and Luna should have been canon. It was the greatest change they ever made to the movies.
  25. Ron and Hermione’s relationship makes me believe in love. It is by far one of the most beautiful love stories every. It takes them a while to get there, but in the end they are together. They’re relationship isn’t sudden or new, they loved each other long before they were even together. I want someone to love me the way Ron loves Hermione.
  26. I feel so sorry for generations who won’t get to grow up with Harry Potter like ours has. Sure, they will have the books and films, but it just won’t be the same.