In my opinion, Snape did not deserve to be forgiven for what he did. I wanted him to live a little longer so he could see Hagrid carrying Harry out of the forrest. I wanted to see him react to the death of Harry. 

I hate fan shipping and fanfiction, probably in most fandoms, but i hate Harry Potter’s the most. It’s actually ridiculous thinking about Harry and Draco (and please do not think i’m homophobic, because i’m not), but if you read and know the characters you would never imagine them being together. Also, it’s like saying, hey you author, you did a nice job, but i think i can do something so much better, because you didn’t write somethink like I would like, and that’s just plain stupid. Harry Potter is a beautiful story, that lasted ONLY 7 books, i’m sorry you all feel like you don’t want to end and write silly relationships and before and after stories as a way of denial, but it feels to me like an insult to JK for trying to top her story and / or not respecting what she wrote.

I’m sorry if i ofend someone, but as everyone that likes / do shipping and fanfic because it’s their opinion, this is MY opinion.

Okay, I’m sorry in advance but this is probably about to be VERY wordy.

I’ve been reading the Draco Malfoy confessions on this tumblr and I just, LOST my cookies over the sheer amount of just GAH. Like I have no other word to explain it. I’m one of those uber fans that has studied my favorite characters to NO end, and I absolutely LOVE Draco and the Malfoy family, and I kid you not when I say I know practically EVERYTHING about them and I do MEAN EVERYTHING!

First off, I want to start with the posts that says ‘draco has no choice’ and then continues to say that he DID have a choice in the matter of his actions in HBP. That is like saying YOU have a choice when someone breaks into your home and holds your parents at gun point threatening to kill them unless you do exactly as they say. Voldemort did EXACTLY that. He was holding his wand to Narcissa and Lucius, ready to kill them. Lucius had already failed him numerous times and didn’t need a further reason to kill him, while Narcissa was just a causality. The sheer fact of the matter is, he need someone in Hogwarts and he was banking on Draco’s love for his parents to get him in. And the fact is Draco loves his parents more than anything in the world and the fact that Voldemort was holding his wand to them gave him LITERALLY no choice. He choose to save their lives, and failure meant not only their death but his as well. Can you all honestly tell me that if someone held your most important people at gunpoint you wouldn’t do EXACTLY as they said? Because I would in a heart beat, and maybe some see it as a choice, but I do not. He had NO CHOICE if his parents were going to live, none. And he was far to prideful to go to Harry, and smart as well, considering Voldemort was in Harry’s mind. The second Draco would say anything to Harry his parents would be dead. Which brings me to this, NARCISSA is a literal innocent in this. Narcissa Malfoy, while MARRIED to a death eater NEVER took the mark and was never know to have killed, maimed, or tortured anyone of muggle or muggle born or wizard descent. Her only crime was standing by her husband and son, and her family. FAMILY was always the first thing in Narcissa’s mind, she is not , nor has she EVER been a death eater.

Second point, the way Draco was RAISED. He was most definitely coddled by his mother. If dates are to be believed and the time line is accurate it took her several YEARS to conceive a child, and its likely Draco was the only child she COULD have, so she spoiled him and gave him everything he ever wanted. Draco has always wanted to be seen as a suitable heir by his father, who probably never thought he was good enough. And you can’t really blame a CHILD for picking up what he is introduced to since birth. Disdain, hate, etc. Mind you, he could have made the choice to try and gain some sympathy but that would have resulted in his disownment from his family, the only thing he cared about, which segues me into my third point about Draco and his bullying.

Draco wanted to be everything his father wanted, and that meant make the BEST contacts and that meant Harry Potter. When Harry rebuffed Draco’s offer of friendship, he immediately became hurt and spiteful towards him. Not only that, when Harry got accepted to the Qudditch team, found the sorcerer’s stone, found the Chamber of Secrets, the triwizard tournament, there was probably Lucius’s voice in his head. “You’re not as good as him, Draco” “You should be better, Draco.” “Why are you not better than him?” And I don’t’ know about you guys, but if I had that hanging over my head EVERY DAMN DAY, I’d crack like a pistachio too and lash out (and for a brief time in my life during my youth, I DID). Now, I’m not saying that he was right to make a lot of comments he did. Anything about people’s dead parents or their parents in general is just below the belt and yes, he deserved a good beating for that. Some things he did and said were just reflections of his father, and were not right in the least.

Back to sixth year, I think this is the first time we started to see the REAL Draco Malfoy coming through. The scared child that could talk the talk but not walk the walk. He could curse someone, he couldn’t raise his wand to someone, he couldn’t KILL someone. And he KNEW this is what Voldemort knew. He gave him this task for the fact that Draco WOULD die doing this task. Draco was facing death in much the same way Harry was. He broke down, he burst like a damn and he lashed out when Harry saw him like that. Harry was the one person Draco probably ALWAYS wanted a friendship with but could never have. Harry was the one thing in Draco’s life that money and status couldn’t buy, and it angered him and made him angry, and no doubt Sectumsempra was a rather humbling experience for both of them (I’m getting a bit drarry there, but I also have a full rant on the psychological aspect of Drarry and why it works). People don’t seem to understand all of this.

I mean, we encounter bullies in our every day lives and a lot of them grow UP in life. They were bad people in the least, they were KIDS. Kids can be stupid and influenced by their parents and people around them. If you’ve seen the Breakfast Club you know what I mean, when Andrew confessed that he bullied kids because of his father (WIN, Andrew, WIN! WIN! WIN!). Draco went through very much the same experience, he was bullied by his father and in turn bullied other people.

I feel I’m getting repetitive at this point, but honestly, if Draco was a horrible person he would have said it was Harry the moment the stinging cursed Harry appeared in Malfoy manor. In that one moment he made a choice to turn his back on Voldemort. He said he DIDN’T know. In the Room of Requirement he made his second choice, he choose not to attack, not to take Harry to Voldemort and Harry SAW these changes. Draco came to the realization he didn’t want to be the bully anymore. He didn’t want to be scared and alone, he was facing the VERY real gravity of his situation. In the end, he choose not to fight and if he honestly NEVER changed Harry would HAVE NEVER stood up for him in the trials. Harry was the reason Draco never went to Azkaban, Harry saw what a lot of people FAIL to see. That Draco grew, and changed and realized he was wrong.

To sum up, Draco was a bully either by childhood or being bullied himself. We’ve ALL made stupid decisions in our youth. If you tell me you’ve never made someone’s hair, or clothes, or glasses or looks, you’re lying. EVERYONE has been a bully, some longer than others, some never grow out of it and some realize their mistakes.

I realize Draco is a character in a book, but he’s a very real representation of a bully who grew up and realized his wrong doings. He’s someone that learned and grew and he’s very relatable in my opinion.

He’s not a villian, he’s a victim of society like so many of us are or were. But in the end, he made the choice to change. It might have taken him longer to get there, but he did, and he may have not been a good child but he grew to be someone Harry Potter respected, and that is saying a lot.

[[7 years later and I am STILL super annoyed that they never explained why Padma and Parvati were in different houses.

Even Hermione wanted to know!]]

I’m not one of those fans that think Draco is ‘misunderstood’ or that ‘he didn’t have a choice’ and I don’t excuse or justify his actions but I would have loved to see Draco grow out of being a bully and into an actual decent person. We catch a tiny glimpse of that person in the epilogue (if you squint) but there could have been so much more.

I keep hoping that one day, someone will make a Hogwarts RPG where you can make your own character, go to lessons to level up, learn magic, roam the castle, do quests, etc.