Seeing as they’re meant to have looked so much alike, it would have worked. I wish they had made more of it, it was one of my favourite parts of that book.

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So I’m not sure how many of you are aware, but after December 29th all Harry Potter films are being pulled from the shelves of stores and won’t be produced for us to purchase freely any longer.

Anyone familiar with Disney’s Vault knows how this works. They take the movies and shove them in there, let everyone know they’ll be disappearing soon in hopes of boosting sales, and then years (well its usually years with Disney I don’t know how WB will do it) later they’ll bring them back out of the vault usually in some stupid needless newfangled ‘Special Edition’ or ‘with never before seen blah blah blah’ at really high prices because they’re only available for a limited time and WB has the monopoly on them, again in hopes that it will boost sales since it’s been so long since its last release. 

Its a gigantic ball of stupid to make WB more money.

and for anyone who caught that date up there, that’s only about a month and a half after the release of Deathly Hallows pt 2 on dvd and bluray in the US. The UK has a lot less time as the DVD release is sometime in december ( I dont remember what it is ) so that gives us little to no time to buy the movies (dunno about you guys but im poor, it takes me a while to save my spare change) and I have no idea what it’s going to do for the part 1 & 2 sets and also the full 8 movie sets. But I’m sure they’ll go into the vault when everything else does.

which is bollocks because I don’t have hundreds of dollars to drop whenever i feel like it and I really really want a bluray boxset. >[

so angry, anyway I don’t think this petition is going to get anything done. I signed it anyway, but really I just wanted to inform you all in case you didn’t know about all this.

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