I keep hoping that one day, someone will make a Hogwarts RPG where you can make your own character, go to lessons to level up, learn magic, roam the castle, do quests, etc.

quick text confession:

it irks me far more than it should when people take the house traits so literally. just because you are not in slytherin does not mean you cannot be ambitious (the twins were ambitious with their joke shop). same for hufflepuff and loyalty (please try to tell me that the trio was not loyal, to each other & to dumbledore), gryffindor and courageous (virtually every single hufflepuff stayed to fight at hogwarts), ravenclaw and brilliant (HERMIONE, ‘nuff said)

I feel like i have a conversation about this 7 times a day 

I’m basically a Slytherin version of Hermione, and what kills me is i can’t decide whether i like Fred/George or Draco more romantically. Fred/George are mischievious, but i have always thought Draco just needed someone there and that he was really just misunderstood and led to believe what he did.

[[I wish I could just say I loved a villain in the series without people asking me what redeeming qualities they had. I shouldn’t have to prove them were a ‘good guy’ to like them. The world is not black and white. It is varying shades of gray, and I wish the fandom in whole would remember that. Every one has some good and everyone has some evil in them.]]

[[I think the Weasleys are a bit hypocritical with all this “Muggle loving” thing: unless you count Ron marrying Hermione and a Squib cousin they never talk about, they are just poor Purebloods, that still marry other Purebloods and know next to nothing about Muggles (as in, actions speak louder than words). (I’m not counting Arthur Weasley’s obsessive interest with Muggle technology as it was, frankly, insulting -especially for someone who’s supposed to work with them)]]

[[I kind of love how some plot holes allow some theories (like, the manipulator!Dumbledore one, or even crazier ones) to have been only hidden from Harry (and so hidden from us as the readers) and so kind of true, with hints and things-without-explanation that support them. (For example, with all of his authority, Dumbledore could have got Sirius -a man he knew well, a member of the Order of the Phoenix!- a trial… unless he already knew of his innocence, of course.)]]

[[I think that the one person Sirius could have loved was James. Sirius talks so much about James in canon and he was the first person who really accepted him for who he was. Sirius loved James enough to want him to be happy with Lily and couldn’t hate her because of this. James probably realised that Sirius fancied him but didn’t make a big deal out of it because he didn’t want to lose him as a friend. I can’t imagine how awful it must have been for Sirius when James died. 12 years of hell.]]

[[I’m a huge Harry Potter fan but I’ve never been able to watch CoS the whole way through because seeing the spiders would give me a panic attack. I can’t even be in the room for the sound of them moving. It is probably the saddest thing in my life. ]]

[[I really want JK Rowling to write a book about how a kid gets to go to Hogwarts but their best friend doesn’t know about it, and so after every year their friend asks “Where do you always go?” and finally he replies to her “Let me show you.” And the remaining years would be about the main character sneaking their muggle friend into Hogwarts and their secret adventures there.]]