[[I dislike Dumbledore almost completely as much as I do Umbridge. Everyone makes mistakes. But it’s like in someways he tried playing god. So many things could of been different. So many lives as well..]]

[[I never really like Ron’s character in the books or the movies until I saw Starkid’s AVPM, AVPSY, and AVPSY. Joey Richter helped me realize how underrated and great of a character and friend Ron is to Harry.]]

[[I never considered age to be that important in the wizarding world because they had longer to live than muggles.]]

[[It bothers me that people forget Susan Bones had nearly her whole family wiped out during the First Wizarding War. I mean, I feel sad that Harry lost his parents too but I think people should really show more sympathy for Susan.]]

[[I never liked Angelina Johnson. Frankly i hate her with a burning passion. To me so far and i can’t stand her at all and i dislike when people draw Fred and Her. The Yule ball made me so angry i skipped over that part in the movie i can’t stand her and Fred together at all and the fact that she Married George when Fred died is even more of a insult and she just disgusts me even more for that fact. I never liked her and i never will.]]

[[ I love that random time where when your talking to a group of people and you throw out a random Harry Potter reference and everyone keeps talking but that one person in the group catches your eye and smiles at you because they got it. There is literally nothing more satisfying then identifying fellow potterheads.]]

[[I am constantly surprised when I hear people say they thought Harry was bisexual. Being able to acknowledge that someone of the same sex is attractive is COMPLETELY different than being sexually attracted to them lol. I mean honestly, if it was any of the female characters people wouldn’t be making those assumptions.]]

I keep hoping that one day, someone will make a Hogwarts RPG where you can make your own character, go to lessons to level up, learn magic, roam the castle, do quests, etc.