[[7 years later and I am STILL super annoyed that they never explained why Padma and Parvati were in different houses.

Even Hermione wanted to know!]]

I’m not one of those fans that think Draco is ‘misunderstood’ or that ‘he didn’t have a choice’ and I don’t excuse or justify his actions but I would have loved to see Draco grow out of being a bully and into an actual decent person. We catch a tiny glimpse of that person in the epilogue (if you squint) but there could have been so much more.

[[I hate Peter Pettigrew more than Umbridge (even though she is a close second.)  He had the best group of loving, supportive friends, and he betrayed them for nothing.  They trusted him with their lives, and he knowingly gave them up to die.  At least Umbridge didn’t pretend to be anyone’s friend.]]

[[I hate it when Sirius is written into Marauder Era fics as a womanizer. One of the things that I love most about him (and there are a lot of things I love about him) is that he is extremely loyal. “I would have died rather than betray my friends.” And because of this, I find it hard to imagine him having a bunch of meaningless relationships with a bunch of girls.]]

[[I find the people who ship Teachers+Students repulsive. I’m sorry but it is gross, also, I read a Arthur+Ginny fanfiction and it was the most traumatizing ever I swear.]]

[[I like to think that Sirius was asexual and possibly aromantic, since it’s never mentioned that he was in any relationships. I think if he wanted a relationship, he would have had one.]]

[[ I don’t know why everyone hates on Ron. In fact, I think he is the most realistic character. Sure he has the tendency to be petty, jealous, and insensitive, but don’t we all?]]

[[Lavender Brown is so underrated, it makes me sad. She’s amazingly brave and dies heroically and she gets the reputation as the boy-crazy skank because of the whole Ron thing.]]

[[Pewdiepie would be the perfect face character for an younger Ted Tonks, (Tonks’ father). Just my opinion!]]

[[ It bothers me when people only like Luna because she is weird and different. I adore Luna because she literally does not care what anyone thinks of her. She didn’t have friends until her fourth year but that didn’t bother her. She did not change her true self to be liked. I think Luna is one of the most strong and best role models in any book series.]]