[[ It’s a weird thing to think about, I know, but I can’t stop thinking about, why Remus reacted like he did, when Tonks became pregnant. I mean, he isn’t stupid, he must have known that sex leads to pregnancy. If he didn’t want to bring danger upon Tonks, then he probably shouldn’t had have sex with her.]]

[[ I personally think Lily Evans could’ve done a helluva lot better than both James Potter and Severus Snape. I like Snape a lot more than James Potter, but their versions of love for her (before James ‘wised up’) were both equally unhealthy and if I were in her shoes, I wouldn’t have chosen either one of them.]]

[[1.     I’m not a big fan of last minute plot twists. And because of this there are parts of DH that are really unsatisfying for me. I’m glad that everyone else can accept this, it’s my own issue, but there are just things that bother me. Snape was working for the good side all along. Great, doesn’t mean he wasn’t a horrible douche bag to children. Ron and Hermione are in LOVE and are PERFECT for each other. Debatable, they spent most of the series fighting with one another. Again, my issue, but still…]]

[[1.     I read Harry as a bisexual character. He notices the attractiveness of both males and females, and it is pretty awesome to have a hero who is bi.]]

I was just saying this to someone, how the series is from his POV but people like Bill are still described as handsome and attractive =3

[[ I truly don’t understand this phenomenon in the Harry Potter universe where you marry the person you dated/kissed in high school. You’re telling me that Harry, Ginny Ron and Hermione never chose to get out and explore the world and other dating options before settling down with someone? Not everyone settles down with their high school sweethearts. I feel like I would’ve liked the epilogue more if they all ended up with different people while still remaining awesome, close-knit friends.]]

to be fair ginny DID date other people… and everyone tries to shame her for it.

[[ I have always wondered why Snape tried to stomp the fire out of his robes rather than casting an aguamenti charm…]]

well lemme answer that for ya! Hermione used bluebell flames which were described to be waterproof. So Snape probably recognized the charm and knew aguamenti would be pointless =3

[[ I get very VERY angry when Dr. Who fans talk about David Tennant like he was just a doctor.]]

[[ I really hated it in Deathly Hallows part two when Harry was telling Ron and Hermione he was going to the forest and Ron didn’t do anything but look at him. I felt like they had one of the strongest friendships ever portrayed and the fact that Ron looked at him in an almost angry way made me really upset.]]

[[1.     I think one of the reasons JK Rowling had so many characters die was to let us know that even if our best friend, brother,sister, spouse, or loved one dies, they will never really leave us and I think she really helped many people cope with deaths.]]

[[People say that Jo killing Fred was the worst thing that she could’ve done. I don’t think that’s the WORST thing she could’ve done. The worst thing she could’ve done is make it be one big dream, like in so many other books.]]