[[When I was little they thought that I couldn’t read. I refused to read the school books or anything else. They even told my mom that I would have to be held back again and that the way I acted would get me in trouble in life. If it wasn’t for Harry Potter, they would be right. Thank god for Harry Potter!]]

[[ I’ve come to realize that fan fiction has put me at an odd place with the canon stories. While I love the original story, fan fiction has opened doors to characters I never thought twice about, made me ship stuff that’s far beyond the canon ocean, and given me more where the series couldn’t. I’ve fallen into a love/hate relationship with the series.]]

He’s very realistic as a real person, but as a character, he’s just an angst and very unreasonable person, especially to Hermione and I really get why Rowling say Ron & Hermione will need marriage counselling.
People, please read the books. Hermione has been so good to Harry & Ron all along. Ron has started making Hermione angry and upset by lashing out his anger on her, when she did almost nothing wrong everytime.
Sure, Hermione might be selfish at times, like SPEW, but Ron is a totally different story.
First year, he made Hermione sad and almost killed her, only saving her from the troll when Harry remembered she was crying in the bathroom.
Third year, he ignored Hermione most of the year because he thought Hermione’s cat killed his rat, which Crookshanks actually knew Scabbers was unusual, and opinionated accused Hermione of not knowing why Lupin was sick and was rude to Hermione on many occasions.
Fourth year, he accused Hermione of having too much pride to ask them to the Yule Ball when Hermione actually found someone better and can fully appreciate her, then said she was ‘fraternizing with the enemy’ just because he was jealous and wanted to make Hermione feel bad.
Sixth year, he states that he doesn’t want to see his sister snogging people in public, while Ginny tells him that her love life is none of his business, and that he’s only jealous because he’s never kissed anyone. He then accuses Hermione of not having faith in his Quidditch skills when she thought Harry put Felix Fecilis in Ron’s drink and starts going out with Lavender just to spite her, in which he’s also using Lavender’s obsession of him.
Seventh year, he ‘accidentally’ interrupts Harry and Ginny kissing. After, despite the Horcrux’s effects on people, he left Harry and Hermione alone in their hunt, while Harry and Hermione, who both worn the locket at least once, was not so affected.
Which proves that Ron isn’t a ‘useless friend’, but only to Harry and no more. To Hermione, he has always been spiteful and rude, unless she offers to do his homework for him. I wish our fandom could be less blinded.

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I can’t understand why people would forbid their children to read « Harry Potter ».

These books are my home, they are my light in the darkness, my magic when I’m faced with the harsh thing that is life.

And the thought that some children are denied this moment of happiness that reading Harry Potter is, just breaks my heart.

There is indeed dark magic at work in this world if children are not allowed to read a book about hope…

This is my deathly hallows tattoo! (I’m not the same anon) I just wanted to show people how the Deathly Hallows looks on the wrist. I got it not just for Harry Potter but to remember my grandpa who gave me the books every time they came out, he passed away three years ago.

"I always thought that Krum should have payed a bigger role in the series. He could have been apart of the Order, because I’m sure Voldemort had a wider reach than just the UK. In the back of my mind I always hoped that Hermione would find Viktor again after the war and they’d end up together. He was so much better than Ron."

(actually the wizarding war was a civil war, it didnt really extend outside of the UK. which is why no other countries came in to help with it)

[[ Growing up, I was very strongly against Harry Potter until this past summer when my good friend persuaded me to read them. I had thought they were rip-offs of LotR, children’s books, cheesy, etc… But once I read them I realized how wrong I was. I realized that these were books adults could—and do—enjoy, and how deep and original they were. Furthermore they taught me to, quite literally, not judge a book by it’s cover. I’m now a huge HP fan and I’m so glad I decided to read them.]]