Earlier in response to one of the confessions someone asked that if Harry died would the Horcrux in him do so as well. You pointed out that Harry wasn't really a Horcrux because he wasn't impervious to being destroyed. One thing that kind of bothered me about that statement is that Nagini is a Horcrux, and technically she isn't indestructible either. So would that make her a non-horcrux or just a soul container?

well the thing is that when Jo did the interview in which she said Harry was not a horcrux, she mentioned that it was because he had none of the characteristics of one. Supposedly because he was an accidental one? She never said that, I just assumed. And the spell to create a proper horcrux wasn’t performed.
But he didn’t take on any evil tendencies, he wasn’t able to be controlled by voldemort etc. she spoke about how horcruxes were terrible terrible things and Harry wasn’t terrible. And that she had dumbledore call him a horcrux for lack of better explanation. NOW I DONT REMEMBER THIS INTERVIEW PERFECTLY but I am pretty darn sure that thats how it went.
but anyway Nagini did take on evil attributes and was able to be possessed by voldemort, because she was a proper horcrux. So even though she wasn’t indestructible she was a horcrux and Harry wasn’t.

But in my opinion NEITHER of them needed to be killed with the sword of gryffindor, or basalisk venom or what have you. Because simply chopping their heads off normally would’ve done the trick. They weren’t objects which is what the spell was created for, they were living beings. And I figure since Voldemort put Nagini in a protected bubble the moment he figured out Harry was destroying horcruxes, it meant he was worried about her mortality. 

As much as I adore Harmony, and was happy that JKR finally stopped acting like it was the worst noncanon ship in the HP I was dissapointed that she regretted Romione. Romione had more dept and understanding than Hinny ever would. The fact that Ginny loved the boy who lived first and Harry did not novice her before she got drop dead gorgeous, kinda says it all.

She never regretted Romione though, it was all misconstrued and hyped before the facts were correct.

What does canon mean? Like when people say canon ships or just in general

Canon is used to describe a piece of work and things within that work that was created by the original author of said work. xD Spin-offs, movies, fan fiction, and any work NOT created by the original author of that fictional universe is considered non-canon. If something has not been officially confirmed or denied by the original author of the series then it cannot be canon. Basically the writer is the authority and final decider on things because it is their stories/ideas/characters/universe, and what they decide makes it canon. Though obviously some people disagree which is fine, but thats pretty much how it’s defined in the literary world. 

I was just wondering, do you know who/why came up with the idea for AVPM? :)

As far as I know the way it happened was the group (because they were already together then, they did the whole first season of little white lie in 2007, they just weren’t called Starkid yet) talking about Dramione while reading the books and the song Granger Danger happened and then they were like MAN A HARRY POTTER MUSICAL WOULD BE SWEET RIGHT? So Nick and Matt Lang + Brian Holden wrote the script and asked Darren Criss to write the music (or they might’ve just asked if they could use his songs from Little White Lie, I dont know). Either way he ended up writing the music with AJ

The reason? Cause it’s fun and they’re all freakishly talented and were in school for that kind of stuff and loved harry potter so why not xD 

how annoying must it get with confessions like that last one all the time? Like, the movies are different from the books. get over it.

it doesn’t get annoying at all because I 10000000% agree with it lol sorry if you thought i’d be on your side. 

the movies are different and I can appreciate them anyway as an adaptation. But it’s a whole ‘nother story when they HAVE the canon, have been requested by the author to not change too much about her characters, and decide to say F THAT, GUN DO WAT I WANTZ CUZ SHIPSSS.

THATS annoying. and exactly what they did with Neville/Luna and Harry/Ginny. 

Hey! Just an addition to the rumours page, our school had Evanna Lynch visit, and JK didn't know that Evanna had been cast until Evanna told her in a letter, (which also kind of helps the Jo didn't have much of a say with that kind of thing point) Just thought you ought to know : )

Thanks! that is really good to know, and totally works with whats up there now. I can’t add it to the post though because it’s not from an ‘official source’ but still, it sort of reiterates whats already on there =3

It's not a confession but a question. Is there anything known about what happens before Hogwarts? Like I have always wondered where wizards learn to write, to read an also maths. I mean at least the basics, right? Hermione and Harry went to a normal school I guess. But the Weasleys for example...?

All that pre-hogwarts stuff is up to the parents to teach. Which frankly I don’t find very fair because some parents might be dreadful at it and some might be super great and so everyone is starting off on different levels… but i guess it doesn’t matter because you’re not learning any of it at hogwarts anyway.

but lawd i hope everyone can read and write because that would suck.

I would just get a proper tutor to teach mine, or send them to muggle school until they were 11. xD

Sorry, I'm literally new here but aren't the point of rumors that some CAN be incorrect? I mean otherwise they'd just be facts right? What am I missing? ^^'

Uhhm, well thats the thing. People on tumblr don’t like to fact check. I could make a post that said Jo Rowling was buying a boarding school and turning it into a Hogwarts simulation experience and there would be people on here that just look at it and go OMG THATS SO AWESOME -reblog-

instead of checking to make sure it’s actually true. And pretty much all the things listed on the Rumours page are examples of exactly that happening. A lot of the fandom still believes a lot of things that are NOT fact. 

So the purpose of the post is to prove to them they’re not. So that they stop believing them and spreading them around as if they WERE fact. 

We get a lot of confessions (or rather did in the past, more so) that were confessing to things that weren’t even actual things! I don’t know how many ‘Jo herself is a hufflepuff so nyahahaha’ confessions we got. like a ton.

I just dislike misinformation. so. there ya go.

If you continue doing the rumors thing can you please not do it on here and if you do try to at least make it correct.


the rumours page has been up and in the links on the front page for over a year. seriously. of course it will continue. and the heck wouldn’t I do it here? on a popular harry potter blog which happens to be on the site where most of the rumours originate? 

If you want to dispute some of the rumours then by all means, everyone is welcome to. But don’t just insinuate that something is incorrect. Prove it. I need sources and facts and they need to be reliable, once you provide them I’ll check them. If you’re right, you’re right. There isn’t going to be a fight about it, the page will be updated with the correct information because that is what it’s for.

But I am a thorough person with these things usually and I don’t believe any of the rumours have been labeled incorrectly. But hey, i could be wrong.

on that confession abouta very potter musical, was Evanna actually in them?? or is that photo just random

just the last one; a very potter senior year