[[Since Hermione spent a lot of her summers at the burrow before harry shoes up, I always thought that Ron and Hermone were a lot closer friends than Harry thought.]]

[[the main reason why I loved Hermione and Ron was because Ron came second in absolutely everything. His mother wanted a girl instead of him, he wasn’t the smartest, he wasn’t the most attractive and he basically lived in his best friend’s shadow. But despite all that he was loyal. He defended Harry, supported Harry and even put his life on the line for Harry. Hermione was the only one who saw right through Ron and loved him for exactly who he was. They were polar opposites but they balanced each other in every way. So yeah, J.K. could have gone with the textbook perfect couple but I love that she went the more realistic route. Ron was second to everyone but Hermione]]

[[I know people are mostly joking when they say it, but I hate it when they call Harry a cock block for Romione. I seriously don’t get this. There isn’t a moment in the series where interrupts romance. Excuse him for hanging out with his two best friends. Besides, if Harry weren’t around we wouldn’t know anything about their relationship, he’s the POV. Not to mention the fact they would’ve never become close if it weren’t for him. In fact Hermione would be killed by a troll after Ron made her cry.]]

  · Fantastic article by ThinkProgress on the JKR bombshell.

(which seems to be an actual thing, for all of you asking me in my inbox. Though no one has gotten back to me about what exactly the sunday times said. 2 days until wonderland though.)

"Love isn’t always immediate, and it doesn’t always come from a place of strength. Sometimes love is strongest between people who have seen each other at their ugliest and most damaged. Lily Evans knew who James Potter was before he decided that he wanted to be a better person, knew him during the time when his callousness and carelessness did real damage. Fleur Delacour knew that her husband’s greatest beauty wasn’t in his unmarked face, but in his person, just as hers wasn’t her physical perfection, but her persistence. Ron knew Hermione when she was a priggish scold and a coward. Hermione knew Ron when his privilege was exposed and his will broke. That they love each other anyway, and that they help each other become heroes, is a truer illustration of the power of love than the idea that it’s magic.”

this is the good stuff thats coming from this bombshell. it’s provoking actual intellectual discussion in some corners of the fandom. not just flame/shipping wars and death threats.

They have only two children, and at no point did he ever say that Hermione or his future wife shouldn’t have a career (JKR believes that Hermione became a lawyer.) It’s pure fanon and deliberately spiteful.

- we aren’t on the same intellectual level - and I often have thoughts about breaking up with my boyfriend because of this (we can’t have a decent conversation sometimes and it really annoys me), which makes me wonder if Hermione feels that way sometimes ….

But there’s no one in the series that I really feel is right for her… and while I was thinking about that, up popped an original character in my head, a very smart Ministry of Magic employee called Isaac, who swoops in and steals Hermione’s heart… And suddenly, it’s my main ship!