I'm not super big on shipping and I don't really care who ended up with who in canon but I kinda like that in the filmverse they implied Neville/Luna, if only because I think it was a nod to the fandom/fans:) and I wonder who made the choice, whether that was J.K. or perhaps someone else, perhaps a potterhead in residence working on the film (or perhaps *in* the film)?

Yates, Kloves and Heyman made the decision to put it in there, they said in the giant movie to screen book, and I disliked it when i watched the movie simply because I love canon and i don’t like deviations xD (though it wasn’t so bad as other things because theres no one to say that Luna and Neville didn’t have a relationship at some point after the war)

but then you read the interviews and stuff and they’re soooo … they’re butts. Like Heyman pretty much said they ignore(d) the fandom while making the films because THEY THEMSELVES were fans and so they did what THEY wanted and didn’t want to try to make anyone else happy (like I was super offended at that interview, because he essentially said ‘screw the fandom, we’re in charge’ and like wow okay its our money you’re getting for this ahole). Which is why theres so much Harmony and Ron got super downgraded etc.etc.

And I’m like YOU HAD ONE JOB. ONE. SHE ASKED YOU TO KEEP THE INTEGRITY OF HER CHARACTERS AND NOT CHANGE THEM. WHY. Like white knighting Snape, what in the hell was that guys. You watch the movies and you don’t even understand the damn story, he didn’t even call Lils a mudblood in the movies. You’re just like WOW LILY, WHAT A BITCH. HE LOVED HER SO MUCH AND TOOK CARE OF HER SON AND OMG HE PROTECTED THEM THAT ONE TIME LUPIN TURNED INTO A WOLF. AND NOW HE DIED FOR THEM AND HIS LOVE.

No dammit. They sort of molded it all into something different and it makes me mad everytime I watch them xD Like my dad watched the movies and never read the books and everytime he talks about stuff I just wanna punch him in the face because he literally has NO IDEA. idk, talking to someone who hasn’t read the books is literally like talking to someone from a different world, because they have completely different ideas about everyone and everything.

anyway sorry, mini rant lol I dislike Heyman so much, and Kloves. And Yates was a good director but he agreed to all the BS the other two were pulling so. 

Also sorry if this was meant to be a confession? I wasn’t sure, it seemed more like a question so I responded.

I love how they gave Ron a potbelly in the 19 years later scene, I bet he’s going to look just like that in a decade.

David Thewlis was the BEST Lupin there could ever be…he brought life to my all-time favorite character.