[[I don’t like it when people use the excuse that ‘they just started talking in the 6th book!’ when talking about why they dislike Harry/Ginny. So you’re saying you were best friends with your husband before age sixteen? Just because JK Rowling didn’t build up their relationship much in the book doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work out. People ship things with much less likelihood of working out- Dramione, for example.]]

[[ I like Harry and Ginny. It’s kinda like a weird reflection of Harry’s parents. Where she was closer to Harry’s worst enemy than him at first, because of the diary.]]

 I feel the same thing for a guy since I was 7 years old, I know how it hurts. She’s really brave and I feel sorry for most people who doesn’t understand it. I’m glad she married Harry, I hope the same happens to me.