· submit a graphic.

Before you submit a graphic, please read the following. If you have not followed the rules your graphic will be deleted and will not post.

*IMPORTANT* DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT submit a ‘graphic’ that is just a picture with your confession typed underneath. That’s not a graphic. If your submission isn’t a photo with your confessions typed onto it, like the confessions you see on the blog, then it will sit in the inbox until we get to it and can remake it properly.

Please make sure you have read the rules, ALL of the rules.

Know that submitting is NOT anonymous. There is no way for us to MAKE it anonymous. So if you want your confession to be anonymous you HAVE to say so when you submit. We will reupload your photo ourselves so that your tumblr is not attached.

Make sure your confession is 500 pixels wide. (If you don’t know how big that is, just look at the confessions posted by the people who work on the blog. Most of their confessions are 500 pixels wide.

We are no longer taking confessions that are being resubmitted with someone elses opinion on them. If you do submit a confession like that is will be deleted. For an example click here.

And lastly and this is the BIGGEST one, please be original with your confessions as best you can. If you haven’t notice we get a lot of the same kind of confessions and for a lot of people that gets old after a while. So to help you out with that please check out the the tags and look at other confessions posted. Also check out the list that we have made of confessions we get to many of.

We now have Templates for you to use. Check them out, but you don’t have to use them if you would like to submit something else.