· rules.

Before you submit ANYTHING, please read these rules.

General Rules for Submitting Anything.

1. First take a look at what has already been posted just to make sure it hasn’t been posted a dozen times before. Looking at the tag page or check out this list they may help you in doing this, because any confessions we get that are very similar to confessions we have seen a lot of will be deleted.

2. DON’T use any hurtful language or offensive slurs. Your confession/graphic will be deleted if it contains any such language.

3. Please try and spell check your confession/graphic before submitting.

5. DON’T resubmit a confession/graphic. Just because you don’t see it right away doesn’t mean we didn’t get it. We did get it and most likely you won’t see it right away.

6. As the Mods of the blog we have the right to delete anything we see unfit to post.

7. Don’t submit confessions through fanmail! If the askbox is closed it’s for a reason, we don’t want anymore confessions at that time. When it’s open again, then you can submit your confessions any way you please. But if you sent them through fanmail while it was closed, your confession was deleted.

Rules for Submitting Graphics.

If these rules aren’t followed you might be asked to remake your graphic or it will be redone for you or deleted.

*IMPORTANT* DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT submit a ‘graphic’ that is just a picture with your confession typed underneath. That’s not a graphic. If your submission isn’t a photo with your confessions typed onto it, like the confessions you see on the blog, then it will sit in the inbox until we get to it and can remake it properly.

1. Make the graphic 500 pixels wide. You will be asked to remake it or someone will remake it for you if it isn’t this size. 

2. Use fonts that are readable.  Good fonts to use are baskerville, times, arial, or helvetica, but there are other ones you can use. for a good list click here. Make sure the font is big enough for people to read. Try 10 pt or higher.

3. For good caps/pictures try home of the nutty. If using Google click large for the size which can be found on the left hand side of the page.

4.  If you would like your graphic to be posted anonymously please let us know when you submit it.

5. If you are using art done by someone else please make sure to credit the artist. Please make sure to use your own graphics.

Now that you have read the rules please feel free to submit a confession or a graphic.