People need to consider, movie characters and its relationships are way too diferent from the book ones. Ron is Harry’s best friend and he has a better relationship with him. In case you couldn’t tell in the movies, it’s because the movies suffer from a known stereotype that happens a lot in Hollywood called ‘the hero and the leading lady’ which caused many people to think that Ron is the 'bad' guy and H/Hr are perfect. Let me tell you something: Ron is a funny, clever guy but jealous, Harry is not just angst & suffering kid, he’s sarcastic, funny too but an idiot sometimes! Hermione is a lovable character, very real yet very agressive and not always right while M!Ron is the background kid, M!Harry has too much angst going on making people feeling too much pity for him, M!Hermione is too perfect, she knows everything and does everything right, it’s almost pathetic. So please, stop confusing the movies with the books and its characters journey. It gets tiring defending what shouldn’t even need to be defended in the first place.