J.K. Rowling beautifully crafted these novels and without her, they wouldn’t exist. Therefore, we should trust her intentions with every word she scribed, being thankful.

They have only two children, and at no point did he ever say that Hermione or his future wife shouldn’t have a career (JKR believes that Hermione became a lawyer.) It’s pure fanon and deliberately spiteful.

He was was hanging out with the magical version of the KKK and was using racial slurs against his best friend. While how James handled it was immature, is it really any different from how people in our world attack and handle racists at their school? No. It isn’t. Everyone needs to get off their high horse.

If she wrote a book, it would probably be different to be head anon and that would generally upset because I would feel that my HC is ‘wrong’ or that my Sirius is ‘ooc’. I like seeing how different people have come up with hundreds of different plots, and so many different interpretations of James, Sirius and Remus, and especially of Hogwarts!Peter in fanfictions. So I don’t want a book.

 I have given up and just reread them over and over, and sometimes I wish I had never started so I could enjoy reading again.

 I think she’s excited to read it, but I was disappointed to see that the bio at the back of the book was “Robert Galbraith is a pseudonym for JK Rowling…” The whole point was to have anonymity, and I wish they would’ve at least kept the fake bio.