hey i just found out that HPConfessions started a twitter like a million years ago. if I can figure out the log in is this a good idea or a bad one do you think?

[[I find it weird that the characters who are the most realistic and human (Harry, Ron, and Snape) get a lot of hate for that very reason.]]

[[I’m a bit shocked to meet so many people who don’t really like Harry Potter or don’t get HP references like I do. As I grow up, I meet new people and most of them haven’t read the books or just have seen one or two movies. It’s really weird for me because when I was little, everybody was so in it.]]

[[I’ve read all the books at least a dozen times each and every time I see new details and fall in love all over again. But I know that it’ll never be as good as the excitement of reading the books first time round.]]

[[I said to my boyfriend, “I love you better than anything else in the world. Except Harry Potter. I love you about the same as Harry Potter.” He was quite dismayed!]]

[[I find it funny that every single character we know about was born to married parents.]]

I want to submit a confession but I don't know how to make a graphic. What do I do?

you just have to send it via the askbox and wait =| there really isn’t any other way. There are plenty of online photo editors though, if you google you can find one that will let you upload a picture and add words to it. 

  · Fresh Prince of Hogwarts


In Godric’s hollow,

Born (but not raised),

With dead parents was how I spent most of my days,

Chillin’ out, flyin ‘round and acting so cool,

Waving that wand like I was no fool,

When a bald, evil dude who was up to no good,

Started making trouble in my neighbourhood,

I got one little scar and Dumbledore got scared,

He said you’re moving with your Aunt Petunia under the stairs.

Is submitting a graphic the same as submitting a confession?

Sort of? Submitting a graphic means I don’t have to put your confession onto a photo. YOU put your confession onto a photo and then submit it to the blog. Then I just throw it in the queue! and you don’t have to wait for me to get through the THREE HUNDRED confessions in the askbox to see yours published on the blog

[[I feel really weird about ‘rating’ the characters against each other, when they all serve the story in the end. All the characters made the books, made the world that Harry cared about and that we cared about enough to read through seven books worth of it all.]]