[[ I believe Sirius was bisexual, and had a big time crush on Lupin, that Lupin was unaware of. Then Lupin admitted his affection towards Tonks to Sirius, Sirius became angry and deeply hurt. Sirius said to Remus that he was too old, too poor, and too dangerous for her, and that’s why Remus always rejected Tonks’ love, though he loved her. Remus always believed Sirius’ reaction was because Sirius was Tonks’ uncle, and never realized it was because of jealousy.]]

[[ It’s a weird thing to think about, I know, but I can’t stop thinking about, why Remus reacted like he did, when Tonks became pregnant. I mean, he isn’t stupid, he must have known that sex leads to pregnancy. If he didn’t want to bring danger upon Tonks, then he probably shouldn’t had have sex with her.]]

[[ I personally think Lily Evans could’ve done a helluva lot better than both James Potter and Severus Snape. I like Snape a lot more than James Potter, but their versions of love for her (before James ‘wised up’) were both equally unhealthy and if I were in her shoes, I wouldn’t have chosen either one of them.]]

[[1.     I’m not a big fan of last minute plot twists. And because of this there are parts of DH that are really unsatisfying for me. I’m glad that everyone else can accept this, it’s my own issue, but there are just things that bother me. Snape was working for the good side all along. Great, doesn’t mean he wasn’t a horrible douche bag to children. Ron and Hermione are in LOVE and are PERFECT for each other. Debatable, they spent most of the series fighting with one another. Again, my issue, but still…]]

Will JKR ever reveal the process on how to make a horcrux? Will it be in the HP Encyclopedia she plans on releasing?

last q&a cause im logging off but

1. Rowling has absolutely 0 plans to release an encyclopedia. She had wanted to a while ago but then the lawsuit with the Lexicon happened and it kind of put her off of it. Pottermore and it’s exclusive content written by her is what replaced the encyclopedia idea. (if theres been any news about an encyclopedia recently that I’ve missed please correct me here)

2. She’s said she wont release the process on making horcruxes. Whether or not she will stick to that, we will have to see. But her reasoning before was that the process is so horrific and dark she doesn’t know why anyone would want/need to know it anyway. But we already know that it involves murder and a spell. I always assumed that the murder had to be with evil intentions, like serious freakin murder. Like if someone was gonna die anyway and said hey, ‘use me for a horcrux’ I really don’t think it would work, know what I mean? 

What would happen if you used two wands?

then the spell power is doubled. we see this happen in deathly hallows with three wands.

He [Harry] leapt over an armchair and wrestled the three wands from Draco’s grip, pointed them at Greyback, and yelled, “Stupefy!”
The werewolf was lifted off his feet by the triple spell, flew up to the ceiling, and then smashed to the ground.

BUT. I have theorriiieess.  Obviously if an average wizard used two wands at once then the spell would be amplified two fold.

if one of the wands didnt like you, as in you hadn’t won it and it wasn’t easily swayed, it would probably not work very well at all for you regardless of how good you were.

If a below average wizard used two wands then I would think it would actually weaken the spell because I believe that the potency of the magic is within the user and so if they’re not very strong and try to push magic out through two sources it would be like splitting a whole in half and thus neither of the results would be very great.

I can only assume too that above average wizards would get drained a lot faster using multiple wands since they’d be doing double the spells. And everything needs to be balanced. Plus it would make sense as to why all these power hungry peeps aren’t running around with 18 wands strapped to their hands. xD 

Hey ive been wondering just to clear up a matter, if you have a horcrux and you get killed do you need someone else to help you get your body back (like wormtail did using the potion)? Or did Voldemort only need wormtail because he 'lost his powers' when the curse rebounded?

I can’t be 100% sure but I’m thinking you would need to possess someone at the very least… though if you were trying to get your old body back I suppose possession wouldn’t exactly help. I dunno. But horcruxes keep the soul from dying, not your body. your body is mortal and it can be destroyed and it can decay etc. 

So if you’re killed or your body grows too old, you’ll have to fix it or get another one or something, I figure. If there are other ways to do that than the potion wormtail helped with, I couldn’t tell you. Dx sorry.

theres still a ton of mystery surrounding horcruxes 

[[1.     I read Harry as a bisexual character. He notices the attractiveness of both males and females, and it is pretty awesome to have a hero who is bi.]]

I was just saying this to someone, how the series is from his POV but people like Bill are still described as handsome and attractive =3

[[ I truly don’t understand this phenomenon in the Harry Potter universe where you marry the person you dated/kissed in high school. You’re telling me that Harry, Ginny Ron and Hermione never chose to get out and explore the world and other dating options before settling down with someone? Not everyone settles down with their high school sweethearts. I feel like I would’ve liked the epilogue more if they all ended up with different people while still remaining awesome, close-knit friends.]]

to be fair ginny DID date other people… and everyone tries to shame her for it.





Well it sure did have a…

…killer ending.

too soon

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