[[I hate it when Sirius is written into Marauder Era fics as a womanizer. One of the things that I love most about him (and there are a lot of things I love about him) is that he is extremely loyal. “I would have died rather than betray my friends.” And because of this, I find it hard to imagine him having a bunch of meaningless relationships with a bunch of girls.]]

[[I find the people who ship Teachers+Students repulsive. I’m sorry but it is gross, also, I read a Arthur+Ginny fanfiction and it was the most traumatizing ever I swear.]]

The only problem I have with Harry Potter being portrayed as POC is not that people are doing so (I think that's wonderful) but the thing is that Harry's bloodline reaches far back into English history and there's no way his ancestors would've had high standing (in the wizarding community or outside) if they were POC, so I really don't think Harry was meant to be a POC.

this… makes no sense? Sorry I’m not trying to be rude but I don’t understand what exactly you’re meaning here.

why does harry’s family have to have had high standing in it’s past? No ones ever told Harry he’s wizarding royalty.
who says they couldn’t have been even if they were POC? Jo has said race and sexuality and these things muggles show prejudice against aren’t nearly as big a deal in the wizarding world. It’s blood purity and magic thats the issue with wizards, that all they care about.

I feel like what you were TRYING to say was that because his history goes so far back into english history he couldn’t be POC because everyone was white. which is, firstly, not true at all because africans were in england and scotland from the 2nd and 3rd centuries. Mediterranean’s as early as the 6th and 7th I believe, the romani started their migration in the 10th century or close to it etc. etc.
and secondly, Harry Potter was born in 1980. He certainly could’ve been a POC in 1980. Lily or James could’ve been a POC by then. And I think thats why I’m really confused here, because you’re saying he can’t be anything but white because of his english roots, but if thats true, then Dean Thomas can’t be a POC. Blaise Zabini can’t. Cho Chang, the Patil twins, you’re saying that no POC can be a POC because they’re british and their history won’t allow it… please tell me if i’m misundering something here

but really, if Ignotus Peverell was white and married a person of colour and their son married someone of their mothers race and so on and so forth (even if it was several generations AFTER Ignotus), by the time it got to James Potter he could’ve fully been whatever that race was.

[[I like to think that Sirius was asexual and possibly aromantic, since it’s never mentioned that he was in any relationships. I think if he wanted a relationship, he would have had one.]]

[[ I don’t know why everyone hates on Ron. In fact, I think he is the most realistic character. Sure he has the tendency to be petty, jealous, and insensitive, but don’t we all?]]

[[Lavender Brown is so underrated, it makes me sad. She’s amazingly brave and dies heroically and she gets the reputation as the boy-crazy skank because of the whole Ron thing.]]

[[Pewdiepie would be the perfect face character for an younger Ted Tonks, (Tonks’ father). Just my opinion!]]

[[ It bothers me when people only like Luna because she is weird and different. I adore Luna because she literally does not care what anyone thinks of her. She didn’t have friends until her fourth year but that didn’t bother her. She did not change her true self to be liked. I think Luna is one of the most strong and best role models in any book series.]]

[[ I don’t know if I’m the only one bother by this but I can’t stand the fact when people who were born in anytime period before 97-98 when Harry Potter was being published or old enough to read and understand them ,say kids today won’t have the same experience. Just because you were able to grow up with when they started getting popular doesn’t mean you get act like royalty in the fandom.]]

I also think its worth adding that sev's memories of his student years at hogwarts are from HIS pov and therefore, harry, as well as the reader, also saw it in sev's pov. So, naturally, he is going to remember it as James being a horrible bully ( which he was AT THE TIME) but he doesn't show James maturing or even possibly apologizing, because if you were bullied by someone, you don't give a shit that they're sorry; you're going to resent them no matter what. Just some input on the matter.

I’m actually going to post this, I hope you don’t mind, because I’ve had more than a few messages saying the same thing about Sev’s POV. And while this would be a great point to the discussion, it isn’t actually 100% accurate.

I mean, obviously the memories are Snapes, I’m not saying they aren’t. But the thing about a pensieve is that, unless the memory is tampered with (a la slughorn) the pensieve shows the memory in it’s entirety, exactly as it happened with things even the subject didn’t notice at the time. The memories aren’t coloured with bias, they are reality.

So as much as people would like to give James an out by saying that Sev’s memories don’t count because they’re from his POV. They can’t. What we saw in the memories is 100% accurate. The only possible POV that could’ve influenced it is that of Harrys because we were reading it from his.

But you’re right in saying nothing else is shown, thats the point i was trying to make in my post about lily. We don’t SEE any of James outside of that, thats where we’re limited with Sevs ‘POV’

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