The series has always been a comfort to me and sometimes an escape when I just don’t want to deal with reality. Harry Potter is… to me… words cannot describe just how much it means to me.


Pretty much


Canadian company Hyperstealth Biotech Corp. successfully created the invisibility cloak. Like a year ago. They’re calling it Quantum Stealth

Rock the eff on Canada.

can we just submit words for our confession?

you caaaan, but you might as well just send it through the askbox like you sent this question. Cause we’ve gotta put it on a graphic anyway.

the submit form is really for already done graphics or links

Nac- You should do a theme for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! Maybe with dragons and unicorns and stuff?

okay I’ve got about 11 of these so I’m guessing thats what you want xD

I am horrible at making backgrounds tho, anyone have any good graphics I might use?