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—-> Prisoner of Azkaban in purple

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Daniel in press/filming/premiere of the sorcerer’s stone

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Snape is the most ambiguous character of the series and that’s the best thing about him. I don’t think he should be treated like the 2D character many turn him into.

Maybe that was the biggest reason behind her being cold to Hermione in the fourth book. Think about it: She doesn’t know that Rita Skeeter distorts the truth, either believes or knows Ron likes Hermione and then thinks Hermione is only interested in Harry and feeling bad for Ron starts being distant to Hermione as punishment for what she believes to be the girl her son likes choosing his friend.

I’ll never forget back then when things were ok and my mom would always read me a book and take me to the movies. It was one of those rare times when I felt truly loved and got all her attention. Strange enough, it will always be my fondest memory of her.

Although I think it would be great if she had, I think it was more fitting to Dumbledore’s character- he learned secrets and lies at his mother’s knee, and he wouldn’t have told anyone unless he felt that it was necessary. I also think that neither Skeeter or Bagshot would have known, so that’s why I think it’s not stated, not because JK didn’t want to.