Who did Neville ended up with?

Hannah Abbott! 

I listen to Phantom of the Opera music for Jily inspiration, because Jily are as perfect and meant to be as Raoul and Christine. All I ask of You has become my Jily theme song.

I don’t ship Hermione and Draco Malfoy even though they do look good together. Draco had been really mean to Hermione and her fellow Gryffindors and I don’t think that Hermione deserves him. I like the way Rowling made Ron and Hermione together because it proved that best friends could also love each other the way they both loved each other. It’s just really sweet. Besides, Hermione is very serious (she was more before she hung out with Harry and Ron) while Ron is funny and unserious. This would be good for Hermione as Ron could make her enjoy the little things in life and loosen up a bit instead of being serious and worried most of the time.

I’m sick of people saying Snape was the worst friendzone ever. They weren’t friends anymore He was hanging around death eaters and was dabbling in dark arts. The friendship wasn’t healthy anymore. 

Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) plays INNUENDO BINGO.

INNUENDO BINGO. Okay, be careful where you listen to this at xD its not BAD but it is inappropriate at work or possibly around your grand/parents. 

Most of the slang is british.

Where can you find what house you belong in?


Does anybody know what happened to Lavender Brown after the Battle of Hogwarts? In the book it says she’s seen stirring feebly after Hermoine blasts Greyback off of her. In the movie she looks dead. 

To answer: it’s up for interpretation. The movie killed her, they confirmed that they killed her in the page to screen book. So in the movie verse she is absolutely dead. The book was never explained. She’s seen stirring which could mean she wound up being fine just as much as it could mean she died later.

same with her being a (or part) werewolf or not, it’s never actually said if greyback made it to her or bit her but it’s worded in a way that he could have. 

It's hard to believe this blog is really neutral when one of the mods always gives their opinion on everything. How do any of us know you're not deleting confessions you don't like?

LOL well hey, we have opinions too you know. We can have opinions and run a neutral blog it’s not hard and we’re not so childish as to delete confessions cause we don’t like them. PLUS, not all of us mods even share the same opinions. Go look at our tags! 

you can tell we’re not deleting confessions we don’t like by the sheer number of confessions in the askbox and by how often confessions of contradicting nature have come up. 

but, you know, thanks for thinking so highly of us. It’s great to know you appreciate

Um basically everything Snape did was to protect Harry. I'm so sick of seeing the ignorant hate on this blog. Bye

Some people don’t care. I certainly don’t. I don’t care what ultimate purpose Snape was working for, he was still a horrible person and should not have been in a position of power over children. Nothing he did was FOR Harry, in fact he made it quite clear that he didn’t care at all about Harry. And some people don’t think that matters, but I think it matters a lot.

This is my opinion. I’m not looking for an argument I know theres plenty of people who feel the opposite.

But thats the point I’m trying to make here. It’s not ignorant hate. It’s legit opinions and different interpretations. Not everyones going to think like you, sorry that bothers you.