· harry potter confession FAQ and Ask.

If you see a blank space beneath this sentence and above the first FAQ question, it means the ASKBOX IS CLOSED FOR THE MOMENT AND CONFESSIONS ARE NOT BEING ACCEPTED AT ALL.

How do I confess?

Most people simply type their confession in the ask box above, once we get to your confession (and there may be hundreds before yours so please be patient) we will put it on a graphic and it will be posted to the blog.

You also have the option of submitting a graphic. To do this put your confession on a photo, like you see on the blog, and then submit the photo. Or upload it to your own blog and then submit the link via the submit box. (simply click the drop down menu and select LINK instead of photo) Since I won’t have to make the graphic it will go directly to the queue and you will see it on the blog in a few days.

Why haven’t I seen my confession?

Well there are a few reasons why you might not have seen your confession yet.

  • we haven’t gotten to it yet.
  • we get a lot of confessions that are very similar so we have delete some of the similar ones. 
  • if it violated any rules on the rules page it may have been deleted. 
  • if the askbox is closed and you sent it in anyway through fanmail, it was deleted.

Why can’t I send in a confession?

This is because we have probably closed the ask box due to the amount of confessions we have been getting. Please be patient and check back in a few days to see if it has been opened back up. DO NOT SEND CONFESSIONS THROUGH FANMAIL IF THE ASKBOX IS CLOSED. ITS CLOSED FOR A REASON.

Why do some submissions get posted more than once? Like not just a similar confession but the exact same confession, picture etc? 

People re-submit graphics when they don’t see them on the blog after a certain amount of time and we can’t always catch the double posts because theres usually more than one mod online queueing at the same time etc.

Do you need help with the blog?

At the moment no. We will ask for help when we need one, thanks!

Where do you get you pictures?

Mainly from Home of the Nutty. If not there then Google. 

Do you post every confession submitted?

Yes, we try to. If you have submitted a confession and haven’t seen it, something to remember is that we don’t post confessions right away we put them in the queue to be posted later. Also, if you have sent in a confession that we have gotten too many of (check the list) we probably saved it as a draft to be posted later or set it publish a month or so in the future when we suspect that subject matter will be less popular.

Can I submit a graphic for my confession?

Yes you can. You are able to submit things here. Please do not just submit a photo with the text underneath, when we say graphic we mean a graphic like you see currently on the blog. If you do just submit a photo and text then we’re going to remake it and you’ll have to wait anyway.

You can also send the link and we can reblog it

The askbox is closed, can I submit my confession through fanmail?

No. The reason the askbox is closed is because we’re working on getting through whats already in there. If we wanted more confessions to work on we would have the askbox open.

You opened the askbox up, but I haven’t seen the confession I submitted from the last time you opened the ask box up?

You haven’t seen your confession yet because either it’s still in the queue, hasn’t been made yet or it was really similar to other confessions 

How long will it take for my confession to be posted? How long are they in the queue?

They will get posted don’t worry. It may take some time though. right now we are getting a lot of confessions a day, we have to MAKE those confessions before we can even put them in the queue. If we get 100 confessions and youre #56 then we have to make 55 confessions before we even get to yours, THEN we put it in the queue.

The queue may take some time. Sometimes mods will get online and directly upload the confessions they’ve made instead of putting them in the queue but this isn’t common. 

Also, apparently there is an upload limit on tumblr so we can only upload so many things a day. So please be patient. Also check the list of confessions we get too much of, if it’s one of those it’s probably been put on hold.

What do ‘Ship’ and ‘Canon’ mean?

For this answer I think Urban Dictionary examples it best.
For ship here and for canon here

if you have any more questions that were not answered here please go ahead and send us an ask (if the askbox is closed you can send your question via fanmail. DO NOT SEND CONFESSIONS VIA FANMAIL IF THE ASKBOX IS CLOSED.)