[[ I don’t believe in picturing anyone else during sex, but lately when my boyfriend and I make love the only person I can think of is George Weasley]]

[[ Domhnall Gleeson (Bill Weasley) is the biggest dork, I absolutely ADORE him. He’s so witty and charming and damn talented and I loved how his favorite line in the films was “Mad Eye is dead” strictly because his actual father Brendan Gleeson plays him and how weird it felt to say. I’m so thankful DHP1/DHP2 really got the world to notice him and how great his career has taken off since.]]


-replied to last photo with request for information. Got this photo in return. Congratulations Padma!

[[ In my opinion, Dolores Umbridge is worse than even Voldemort. I absolutely cannot stand people like her. Her extreme passive aggressive behavior is atrocious and gets so far under my skin it’s unreal. I despise her.]]

[[ I really get annoyed by the fact that in the books Dobby is always there to help him, but Harry don’t care of him at all. I think Harry realizes their friendship just in the last movie…]]

Do you post every confession you get? Or do you try to remember the ones you already did and don't want to do any doubles? 'cause I put 2 in your ask weeks ago and nothing has happened.

I have 600 messages in the ask box Dx its going to be MONTHS before I get close to the end. But yes I post every confession unless there are some that were confessed around the same time that are basically the same confession. I just sort of consolidate them and thats the only exception to everything getting posted word for word.

[[For me, Daniel isn’t Harry. I love his way of acting and i like him in the first, second and third films, but, from the fourth, he is not the real Harry.]]

[[The Black children are my favourite characters; they all seem so damaged, either desperate or completely insane. I wonder what they must have been through to make them like this. What happened behind the doors?]]

[[ I absolutely /loath/ stories where characters are being bashed relentlessly, but for some reason I want to see a fanfic where /Harry/ gets treated like that. Maybe It’s because I can’t stand the ones where he’s a super-powerful douchebag… *shrug*]]

[[ I will never stop seeing Snape as a te bad guy. I mean, he only protected Harry because Dumbledore told him it was a prove he loved Lily, he never loved him, he never cared about him, he only cared about himself and Lily.]]